How to Hard Reset Motorola Droid Razr,DROID HD,RAZR XT912

Option 1

Settings Menu

1. Go back to the Home screen.

2. Next tap on the application list.

3. Select Settings.

4. Then choose Privacy.

5. Next tap on Factory data reset.

6. Then select Reset phone.
   If you want to wipe out all data on the SD card then make sure the
   checkbox Erase USB storage is ticked.

7. Next follow the onscreen instruction to finish off the process.

Wait for the Razr to reboot.

Option 2

1. Turn off the Phone. Press and hold Volume Down button, press Power button.

2. Next the phone should go into Fastboot.
   Press on the Volume down key to select the Android Recovery option.

3. When you see an image of Android let go of the Volume down key.

4. Next open the Menu by tapping on the bottom right corner of the screen.

5. Now select Wipe data/Factory reset.

6. Then press OK.

7. On the confirmation screen, select Yes and OK to proceed.

8. Android will now begin to reset the device. When you see the
   "reboot system now", Press OK. If it is not selected by default make
   sure you select it.

9. Your Motorola Droid Razr should bootup shortly and you can continue to use it.


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