How to Hard reset Samsung Continuum SCH-I400

Option 1

1.From the home screen, select Applications
2.Select Settings
3.Select Privacy
4.Select Factory data reset.
5.Select Reset phone. If presented,enter the current
  passcode or draw the unlock pattern.
6.Select Erase everything

Option 2

1.Press and hold the Power button
2.Select Power off
3.Press and hold the Volume Up / Down keys and the
  Power button simultaneuously
4.From the Recovery screen, press the Volume down key
  to select wipe data / factory reset.
5.Press the Camera button
6.Select Volume Up to continue.
  Allow the factory reset process to complete
  (approximately 1 minute)
7.Ensure reboot system now is selected
8.Press the Camera button

Soft Reset & Hard Reset

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