How to Hard Reset HP Veer

Restart your device

1.Open Device Info .
2.Tap Reset Options, and then tap Restart.

If the screen is dark or does not respond to taps at all,
press and hold the power button and slide the ringer switch three times to restart your device.
Depending on the HP webOS version, the device may turn off and restart,
or you may need to tap Turn Off and then press and hold the power button to restart.
You can also press and hold Option + Sym + R to restart the device.

Erase data from and reset your device

If restarting your device does not solve the problem, one of the erase and reset options might.
There are several erase and reset options, as described later in this section.
After erasing and resetting, you must follow the prompts to sign in to your HP webOS Account
(called Palm profile on some webOS devices) again before you can use your device.

Settings for built-in apps and data and settings for apps you installed are stored only
within the application, so you cannot access this info after you erase your device.
If possible, before you erase your device, record any info you want to save.
Another way is to save a screen capture of relevant info.
To save a screen capture, press and hold Option + Sym + P. Screen captures are saved
in the Screen captures folder in Photos or Photos & Videos (depending on the webOS version).

1.Before erasing and resetting your device, back up your HP webOS Account data. See Using Backup .
2.Back up the data stored on your device’s USB drive. See Using USB drive mode to transfer files to your device .
3.Open Device Info
4.Tap Reset Options.
5.Do one of the following:
A.Tap Erase Apps & Data twice to delete all personal information, such as events, contacts, and tasks,
as well as applications you have added. (This option does not affect the USB drive.)

B.Tap Erase USB Drive twice to erase everything stored on the USB drive (photos, videos, music, documents,
ringtones, and so on).
After erasing the USB drive, you do not have to re-log in to your HP webOS Account.

C.Tap Full Erase twice to erase all personal info, apps, and everything stored on the USB drive (photos, videos,
music, documents, ringtones, and so on).

D.Tap Secure Full Erase twice to overwrite and then erase everything deleted by a full erase.
Use this option if you plan to give your device to someone whom you don’t want to have access to your data.

6.To restore HP webOS Account data after erasing apps and data, the USB drive, or a full erase,
follow the onscreen prompts to enter the HP webOS Account email address and password.
DO NOT create a new HP webOS Account.

This restores personal information like contacts, calendar events, and tasks, as well as apps installed
 through HP webOS App Catalog. Sync account info (Google and/or Exchange) is also restored to the device.

Perform a full erase when the screen is dark or touchscreen doesn’t respond

Press and hold Option + Sym + power button and continue holding for 10 seconds after the Full Erase screen appears.

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